Foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism

Foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism

Foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism:

Even though it may sound made-up but there are foods that can help you to improve your metabolism rate and remove the toxins that are responsible for making it hard for the body to lose those loathed pounds. Through various researches it has come to light that by eating particular types of foods one can boost up their metabolism, curb their appetite and receive more help in losing weight than other foods. This is due to the fact that some foods require a greater amount of work to eat, thus more calories are burned during digestion. As a matter of fact, only by chewing the foods that boost metabolism such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean cut meat. By eating the foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism, it is possible to get rid of calories at a 30 percent increased rate.

By eating foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism one can sleep better, feel more energetic, feel firmer than they used to; all this in just about 2 weeks. Here’s the elixir to a healthier and more active life, in other words, the best foods to increase metabolism

Food to speed up metabolism

Green Tea:

Amongst the foods that speed up your metabolism is green tea. Studies have revealed that only by drinking 24 ounces of green tea on a daily basis, it is possible to burn 70-100 calories of fat every day. This feat is possible due to the presence of antioxidants known as catechins. Finally, it is suggested that you brew your own green tea, as it is likely that the bottled ones will be diluted with water and excessive amounts of sugar.


It is not an unknown fact that coffee possesses the sacred power to rev up your metabolic rates, and in the same time it also amplifies the process of fat burning. Various researches have revealed that the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee can rev up the metabolism by 15 percent (temporarily).

Whole grains:

One of the best foods to increase metabolism are the ones that are made from whole grains. The body takes more time to digest high fiber food- this aids in increasing the metabolism because of the thermic effect of food. Something as trivial as choosing whole wheat bread over white bread can do wonders.


Amongst the foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism are raspberries. The fruits that contain edible skin or seeds like pears, blackberries, and raspberry are also a tremendous supply of fiber. There’s nothing to be skeptic about the amount of sugar present in these fruits, as the source of the sugar is natural.


Some vegetables that are high in fiber include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. In order to get digested, these vegetables make the body work hard and as a result the metabolic rate increases. It is recommended that you go on to try vegetables other than these three because the body needs fiber as well as many other nutrients.


Hot peppers and chili powders contain capsaicin- from scientific studies it has been found that capsaicin has the ability to increase the release of adrenaline, which will, in turn, raise the temperature of the body and the metabolism will increase. But, there is a catch, a large amount of capsaicin is needed to increase the temperature of the body. Therefore, it is suggested that you add a spicy dish to your menu.

Cold Water:

Though it sounds superficial, but drinking 5-9 glasses of cold water has its benefits. Cold water can rev up the metabolism, this is due to that fact that the cold water needs to be brought back to normal body temperature.

Foods that burn belly fat and increase metabolism

One’s metabolism somewhat depends on the genetics, nevertheless, one can certainly give it a boost just by consuming the right food. Fill up on the following foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism


Nut is one of those foods that burn fat fast, and in the process it increases metabolism (as if we need any more incentives to pop nuts in our mouth).


Instead of drinking alcohol every now and then, it is better to drink a warm glass of milk- one of the best foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism. When a person is consuming alcohol, the fat burning ability of his body slows down. To provide an instance, consuming the alcohol present in two martinis is enough to cut the body’s ability to burn fat by as much as 73 percent. By taking up the habit of drinking milk, one can fight calcium deficiency, which is something common in a lot of women. It has been found through research that the consumption of calcium through milk and yogurt might help to reduce the absorption of fat from other foods.

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